Happy birthday,My love.

It’s the GP’s birthday tomorrow..and I don’t have any plans..No surprises lined up this time.not even a gift for him.Last week,when I was at the mall with Munchkin,we picked up greeting cards for him..but seriously,other than that there were no other plans.
He has been working like crazy and has been away even on weekends,these past two weekends.Every year,since we got married,he takes a day off on his birthday,so that he can spend the day at home with me.But this year,he told me,not to plan anything,as he can’t take time off and has no idea what time he will be back home.
I said,”OK” but wasn’t quiet convinced.I believe birthdays call for a celebration..as it is,in today’s world,there are few reasons to rejoice. So,I got thinking. I had picked up some fresh fish at the grocery store on Sunday.I had cleaned and marinated it and there was enough for 4-5 people.So,I casually asked him,what time he’d be home.He said,6-ish..which is rare..So,I decided to have another pre-birthday celebration.We went for his pre-birthday Dinner on Sunday,at his favorite restaurant.
I called up a friend,S. The GP loves to hang out with her husband and I had been promising them a dinner of “fish fry”.They were happy to come even at such short notice.Then I asked another friend,A to join us, her husband is someone the GP looks up to.Unfortunately,he wasn’t in town. So,I set about to make a simple dinner of traditional phodnichi dal(Maharashtrian style dal fry),rice and fish fry and salad. My friend offered to make Chole(chick-pea curry).I was going to make some quick dessert.
But how could you have a birthday celebration without a birthday cake? So,I changed my mind about making a dessert,cut some fruits instead and asked my friends to pick up the smallest cake,just right for 4-5 people. And they did.
The GP arrived home,unaware of the plan.Then,I casually mentioned that I asked S & A to join us for dinner. He was happy,to have some change from the routine.I finished cooking,while the GP watched munchkin eat and play with her food. And our friends arrived,just as Munchkin was finishing dinner.
So, we hung around,chit-chatting…soon,the GP asked,when were we going to eat? That was our cue.I set up a make shift table,while A&S brought the cake out. The GP was surely surprised..He cut the cake ,while Munchkin tried to eat the candle and S’s husband,Sam,took pictures.The cake was yummyyyyy Tiramisu block cake from a local bakery.It was sinfully delicious..I cheated on my diet for it!
Dinner followed next, we all stuffed our faces with the fried fish and salad..while the Dal fry-Rice and Chole sat forgotten,on the table.Everyone loved the food and groaned about over-stuffed bellies..and cribbed about it being a working day,tomorrow.
And then,we had the cake for dessert again. Later,unwillingly,our guests left.And the GP, got busy on his offshore call.Oh well, he was happy..Hope he has a happy day tomorrow too.
And now that its past 12 and his birthday has officially begun,I think its time for me to wish him.
Hey Love,
May this birthday bring you all the things that you have been waiting for.May this birthday cheer last you all year through and may you keep smiling like this,all year round.
And I love you..I know you know that.. But please remember this,even when we are fighting..
I know we have had some rough days,off-late.. but here’s hoping for some not-so rough days..but hey,making-up is always fun!
Love you, honey..and Happy birthday and God Bless!
Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday,My love.

  1. happy birthday to GP! :)wishing him many years of happiness, which shudnt be a task with munchkin and you around! :)cheers!abhaps: i want fish fry tooooooo!! bwwaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!


  2. Happy Birthday to GP! That was such a wondeul gesture, Gypsy Mumma – GP is sure a very lucky man. Hope all of you have a wonderful day again today! (it’s now 12 am – :))


  3. Happy Birthday GP! What a beautiful thing to do for him, Gypsy Mumma :). Have a wonderful day :)Oh, send me the recipe for the fish fries, I want to have a shot at them 😀


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