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Bye-Bye Phoenix

This is our last week in Phoenix.We are busy packing.Its just a crazy crazy time. The movers will be here on thursday and we will leave on Friday.We’ll be driving down.And Aadya is sick.She has a bad bad throat infection.Poor baby her voice is so hoarse.First time we heard her cry like that,it was so hard,really broke our heart. Both of us got all teary-eyed. This is the first time I have seen DH like that.A baby does that to you I think.
Last two weeks here have been so much fun.We met some people that we really are getting along a house on fire and so it was just fun fun.And now that Aadya is sick,just makes me feel so guilty for having had so much fun.
As for Phoenix,despite everything,I am going to miss this place.After all its the birth place of my firstborn.This place kind of grows on to you,slowly accepting you,and even before you know it,you are a part of this large hearted city.The people at the grocery stores that you frequent start recognising you,gush over your baby,your neighbours greet you happily,doesnt matter that you see them only once in a few weeks.Its just that kind of place.
Today we took Aadya for a last visit with her Pediatrician,Aunty D.All the nurses and everyone in the office had to come and hold her..everyone wagged their fingers at us and told us, not to go!It was just so sweet.
And as I was sitting there,waiting for our turn,I found myself getting nostalgic.I was reminded of the day,when we first went there.I was 8 months pregnant and were interviewing Pediatricians.The office had such a warm welcoming atmosphere .The first thing I noticed was the chairs.They made me feel like I was “Alice” in Wonderland.They are just so beautiful and to add to the atmosphere,a kiddie sized tea-set was laid out on a kiddie-sized table. I could picture my little girl playing there.There was beautiful Aquarium set on a table,with beautiful golden and glittery multicolored fishes.It was all so perfect. But the best part was our meeting with Dr.D.She was just so nice and patient.She answered all our questions, asked us questions about our families and our interests etc. and at the end of the “meet-and- greet” session when I looked at my watch a good 1 hour had passed.Whereas all the other docs that we met before that would just meet us as a formality,not really intereested. Now, dont get me wrong here,its not as if Dr.D is not busy..She is extremely busy,very meticulous and extremeeeeeeeely wonderful with the kids.. but she is also interested in knowing the parents! and thats why she keeps such sessions at the end of the day!I am never going to find anyone else like her.ANd she is all the more special to us,because she saw our baby within the first 8-10 hours of birth.
God! just the thought that I have to find a new peditrician for my baby.. gives me the creeps.Will I be able to find someone good..?Ohh we’ll have to see.
So anyway,We are moving, we will be on the road starting friday and then finding a new apartment,unpacking, settling down,getting comfortable…starting another phase of life.
Though,I was so lonely here for most part of my stay,this place has given me some great memories,which I will always treasure 🙂 most important one being the Aadya’s birth.Everytime there is a mention of Phoenix,I am sure there will be a smile on my lips.And as I say good bye to this urban desert,I am leaving behind a part of my heart… with all those lovely people who made this last 1 year here special for us,with all those lovely people who made these last two weeks so much fun for us..I am also leaving behind a part of my heart in a certain labour and delivery room of a certain hospital and also in this beautiful apartment,from where I type this last post.
And when you folks read this post,dont forget to send up two prayers to the Big Man up there..One that we have a safe trip and two,that we have a longer stay at the new location.( the packing and unpacking tires me)
On this note,I say..Bye Bye Phoenix…

Texasssssssss,here we come!!!

6 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Phoenix

  1. aww – such a senti post. I hope you have a safe and comfortable trip. Birth place of your child always holds a special place in your heart. Good luck finding a place and settling in the new home, new area, new people, new phase in your life. ~AP


  2. Hope Texas is treating you well 🙂 And hope Aadya is enjoying the not so hot weather as compared to Pheonix :). On another note, Dlittle has tagged Aadya, please take it up on her behalf.


  3. Hi there -I am new to this blogging thing. Blog hopped from some other mom’s page. Read your other post where you were still deciding whether to go private or shut down altogether. I am glad you decided to continue 😀


  4. TimePass- Hows you gal?Ap-Thanx n VD are the only constants thru all these moves!DDmom & Swati-Thanx..Shall take’em up soon.Parul-Welcome…I just checked your will be great to watch our “Adi”s grow up :)together :)Hope to hear from you more often 🙂


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