Grand Canyon Trip

We went to Grand Canyon on Saturday.It was a great trip.One of those last minute trips. DH called up on Friday around lunch time,asking me if I want to go that night or the next morning. We decided on next morning because on the weather. We woke up,got dressed ,just in time for Aadya to wake up for her morning feed. After her breakfast and shower,we were ready to hit the road.We grabbed some food from the nearest Burger King drive thru to save time..They made us wait 15 minutes at the window! some DRIVE-THRU!And the food was horrible.
Note to self-Never go to through the drive-thru during busy hours!
Anyway,we were on our way and had a tiff..both of us sulked for more than half an hour. Well,I sulked-he drove in silence. What was the tiff about?I cant remember it,no matter how hard I try! Then Aadya woke up and needed a diaper change.One major change in our life since Aadya came along is the end of never-ending sulking sessions.We cant be mad at each other for too long-either we start talking because she needs something or because she gets upset looking at our contorted angry faces and so we have to stop arguing!
Anyway,not to digress..we reached Flagstaff around lunch time and still had about 70 miles to go.Flagstaff is a cute,cozy historic town and there was just this warm welcome feeling in the air there.We stopped and had lunch at this little cafe called “Late for the train” They serve the most amazing hot chocolate and beautiful Caesar wraps.I say beautiful,because they looked as good as they tasted.
After lunch we continued towards Grand Canyon National Park.Reached around 3-3.30 and then parked the car and walked along the south RIM of the Grand canyon for around 3 hours.The view was magnificent.

When we got that tired but happy feeling,we stopped,got into the car and drove around in the park for some more time,stopping in between to look at different stops.Finally we drove off to the east rim and I liked the view there even better than the much talked about south rim. We couldn’t linger around much because we wanted to get back the same day.
So, just before sunset,we started on our way back.And LO! It started thundering and there was lightning.Arizona is notoriously famous for lightning,and now we know why. This was scary. For 3 straight hours,we saw flashes of lightning in the desert.There was no street light and so the lightning had an even spookier effect.We stopped at a gas station,to fill up the tank..S didn’t want to stop in between,unless we had for Aadya.Just as we were pulling out of the gas station,the sign for low tyre pressure started flashing.After a frantic search for the air pump,we finally remembered seeing a Garage at one of the pumps a little distance away.We went back there.And the guy there was nice enough to check all our tyres after DH filled air,said he couldn’t let us go out in that weather,without double-checking.I thought that was very sweet.We were on our way again..Well almost..Aadya started crying..diaper change.I was changing her diaper and she peed all over herself.LOL! change of clothes was in order,followed by another nursing session.By then it was almost 3 hours since we started.It was already 9.30 and we had a 3 and a half hour drive ahead of us. Finally, we were on our way. We would have probably driven less than 10 minutes and Aadya started crying again.May be she was scared of the constant light flashes or she was just tired.By then it had started to rain along with thunder and lightning and it was a single lane drive,no place to pull over! I tried to calm her..but to no avail.I gave up,and pulled her out of the car seat.She clung to me as if her life depended on it. OH my God! There was no way I could put this child back in that car seat! she cried,complained,talked,cooed,cried some more and finally drifted off to sleep. but since I was holding her DH had to drive real slow.So,I tried to put her back in the car seat..and succeeded after 3 attempts.Rest of the journey was uneventful and Aadya slept peacefully through out the drive.We managed to reach back in a record time of 3 and a half hours .And here’s some Sunshine for you from Grand Canyon

2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Trip

  1. so beautiful! i wish to be able to make it there some day! I am glad that you decided to go on this trip. A little change from routine goes a long way in happiness. Aadya looks such a cutie pie in that pretty hat.


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